Danielle Toth

Danielle is a grade 12 student at6393b6fb7ddf705bcd113ed99960ecb7edd59cdb Burnsview Secondary. Igniting her passion for politics at VMUN, Danielle is honored to be serving as DelMUN 2016’s Secretary-General for Delta’s first-ever MUN. Danielle hopes to create an engaging and enriching experience for all delegates present, whether it’s a stepping stone to larger conferences, or a learning experience for interested students.


Director-General: Karmen Mangat

Karmen isScreen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.43.14 PM currently attending Burnsview Secondary School as a senior student. Having recently participated at Vancouver Model UN earlier this year, Karmen is ready to share her passion and learnings with all delgates through a hands-on experience. As DelMUN’s Director-General, Karmen looks forward to a fun and successful conference for both delegates and faculty advisors alike.


Undersecretary-General of Logistics: Jeffrey Qi

Having participated in MUNs 12650612_892311074199597_1910333483_nacross the world, Jeffrey is excited to share his passion and expertise with delegates in the Delta School District. A grade 12 student at Burnsview, Jeffrey is excited to serve as the Undersecretary-General of Logistics for DelMUN. He hopes delegates find themselves meeting passionate new friends,  discovering the pains of a long roll call, and engaging in fierce debate.


Undersecretary-General of Delegate Affairs: Olivia Huang

Olivia is both a student12669209_564564100388778_1218021854_o at Burnsview Secondary School and an expert Model UN delegate. Olivia is honoured to serve as the USG of Delegate Affairs and looks forward to teaching all participants proper UN etiquette. She is passionate about the development of young, ambitious leaders, and she hopes all delegates can explore their potential at this conference while enjoying this unique opportunity.


Undersecretary-General of Communications: Thea Copeman-Haynes

tcopemanhaynesThea is a senior at Burnsview Secondary School. Though her introduction to MUN was recent, Thea has involved herself in all aspects of the MUN community, from participating as a delegate herself to organizing and directing other MUNs for students. Thea is thrilled to be the USG of Communications, and looks forward to working with the Secretariat and delegates to make DelMUN 2016 a rewarding conference for all.


Undersecretary-General of Conference: Heather Minty

12754903_230067230676691_981393338_oHeather, a Burnsview Secondary senior, is excited to help host Delta’s first-ever model United Nations. Acting as USG of Conference, she hopes to help facilitate all delegate requests and committee placements. Heather is looking forward to working with each delegate and providing all participants with a positive experience.


Undersecretary-General of Marketing: Nicholas Kidd

12837633_911976325566405_335034729_oNick is a senior student at Burnsview, and an avid activist for politics. He has participated in MUNs, youth parliaments, and election staff. He looks forward to welcoming delegates to DelMUN and sharing his passion with other young leaders. Nick hopes that delegates use this conference as an opportunity to get involved in democracy.